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  Optically Animated Artwork.
These elegant little movie machines rival the classic motion picture toys of more than a century ago. Contrary to popular belief, they're not holograms. Surprisingly, the technology, in one form or another, has been around for centuries! (Roll Over Images To See Them Move)

 CineSpinner™ Animated Suncatchers
The images on a CineSpiner™ come to life and animate as it rotates at the end of it's
string by the natural movement of the air around it. Each CineSpinner™ is a clear acrylic disk imaged on both sides and comes with a hanging string. No batteries required.
CineSpinners™ and their strings should not be handled by children under the age of three.
Sizes: (SM 3-/1/2") (MD 5-1/2") -- Price: (SM $11.99) (MD $18.99)
See an actual CineSpinner in motion (1M wmv).

Kick Boxer
Ice Skater
Running Man
Running Woman
Rope Skipper
    Display Tips: CineSpinner™ Suncatchers should be
 suspended at eye level either in a daylit window or in
 front of a plain, light background such as a white wall,
 leaving enough room for them to rotate completely
 around at the end of their string.

   Dark walls or busy backgrounds such as cluttered
 shelves will make the CineSpinners™ unreadable.
Clear Acrylic Stand
not included. Fits
SM & MD sizes.
Price: $4.99
Suction Cup Hanger
not included.
Fits SM & MD sizes.
Price: $2.99
      Don't forget to add stands,
 hangers and displays to your

   You will want to display them
 where they will be easily seen.

  Your new animated artwork
 looks great and makes for great
 gift ideas.

  Half the fun is seeing these
 optical wonders in action. The
 other half is trying to figure out
 what makes them go!

 Scanimation® Animated Rulers
Hold a Scanimation ruler up to the light, rock it back and forth, and the image instantly springs to life. Great for measuring things and drawing stright lines. Made from heavy duty, handsomly sculped crystal clear styrene, printed with both inch and centimeter scales. No batteries required.
Size: 7-1/2" x 2-5/8" -- Price: $8.99
See an actual Scanimation Ruler in motion (1.6M wmv).

Trick Bike

Blinking Eyes

Running Man
Running Woman
Clear Acrylic Ruler Stand
 SmartMove™ Animated Greeting Cards
These traditional looking cards pack a big surprise. The natural act of opening the card instantly causes the image to come to life. Runners start running and cyclist starts riding. Simple yet ingenious. No batteries required. Each card comes in a removable acetate jacket and a mailing envelope. Size: 5" x 7" --  Price: $6.49
See an actual SmartMove Card in motion (1.5M wmv).

Male Runner
Female Runner
Binking Eye
Heart Beat
  Briefly explained, the technique combines parallax perception (your angle of view) with moiré-style multiple-line patterns to create the illusion of motion.

   When a scrambled image layer is viewed through a striped decoder layer, a series of sequential pictures is revealed to your eye, and your brain links this succession of images together, creating the illusion of motion.
    Kinetik™ Art in Perpetual Motion A magical work of animated art that's completely self performing. Runs for approximately two months on one "D" battery (not included). Heavy-duty, crystal clear acrylic base. Size: 6" H x 7" W, Price: $69.99
See an actual Kinetik™ in motion (2.5M wmv).

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